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Pukeberg Glass Boy Viking

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Does anyone know where I can obtain a Pukeberg boy viking?


which one would that be?

Bill G:
Pukeberg Glass Works is in operation in Nybro, Sweden.
There are two glass blowers and the Orrefors and Kosta
Boda Glass Schools.
I do not think they have any of the old sculptures so you will have to go to the secondary market.

David E:
Interesting, I only recently obtained the first one (on the right in Ivo's photo) complete with label. Also took a fancy to Pukeberg 'solifleur' vases, so it's time to clear another shelf!


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which one would that be?
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None of those.  He doesn't wear a helmet.  I've only ever seen one and that was at an antiques and collectors fair at Detling, Maidstone.


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