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Vase Hint of blue, - ID = Whitefriars 9571 vase

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Hi All
         any idea's on this Vase please it stands 8.1/4ins high, weigh's 550g 1lb 3.3/8oz tear drop shape, thiner than it is wide,

solid in that colour is most probably by ZBS.

Whitefriars, pat no. 9571. Not sure about the colour, may be 'Arctic blue' but I'm sure there are people more knowledgable about WF colours who will be able to confirm this.

Cheers Steven
                      for the info will write that Pat No down and see if i can find it on Whitefriars site, somewhere, Ivo what doe's ZBS stand for please, i thought this maybe around 1960s

Both & feature a selection of Whitefriars trade catalogues. Your vase will probably date from the mid 60s or thereabouts.


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