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Forvil Bottle

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Hi everyone. Have searched to avoid duplication but find no references. So...wonder if anyone knows anything about this t ype of small bottle.

A nice little bottle. 3cms square,overall ht.10cms.   7cms to shoulder,then 3cms of twirled thread neck.NOT litle bold cord twirled around the stem. Silver cap.Plain with indentation to take the thread.
Fluted all around to shoulder.Gives 'magnifying' effect. Front has fluting from base, a clear space (for a label?) then a row of dots (the remains of the flutes if not interrupted) above and below the word FORVIL.

On the base it says PARIS  FRANCE.   A pic would shorten post.BUT don't have one right now.So apologies.

Whilst probably v.common it is nice. So would like to know whether it was perhaps ?hair brilliantine ?perfume.....or even an 'exotic' imported foodstuff?
Dug up in a 'farm homestead tip' in central Queensland, Australia, probably untouched for at least 40 years, perhaps more, it is v.good condition. Here in rural Australia items of quality glass, made in France would not have been v.common in most country homes.  ANy help appreciated.

:o  Surely someone must know these items. I don't but that's not surprising.  :oops:
Please see if you have any ideas?

French Perfume

This was easily found by simply putting "Forvil" into Google  :roll:

Not "exotic imported foodstuff".

A cosmetic, certainly. But might be Brilliantine, might be Perfume or whatever. The company definitely now uses plastic bottles, so perhaps the glass bottle versions are "old", but maybe they still use both?

This information was easily found by reading parts of a number of the links that Google presented  :D  - including the ones to the Forvil company website, where there is a contact link.

Once you have a company name and a country you are 99% there.
Any further info really need a photo
Otherwise all we can do is speculate .................................


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