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Satin green bowl with clear green feet... ID = Davidson 718 pattern


I found this yesterday in a local charity shop. It's pressed glass, with four feet very like the Chippendale ones. The pattern around the sides is a fan and diamonds between clear/patterned ribs - very much like that shown on The Glass Man's website as the 1890 Suite, but the base is totally different, having a large starburst pattern and then the clear green feet below.

It looks to me like a Davidson piece, but I can't find another like it online or in my scant glass book collection, so can anyone please confirm the maker and the pattern for this bowl?

 Yes it is by Davidson. It is a No. 718 footed bowl and was made from the 1930s through the 1960s.




Thanks for the confirmation and the details Chris, much appreciated. :)


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