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Streaky Brown art glass, broken pontil 1970s Mdina ish?

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Just received this one today, I know it looks familiar  :-\
It was advertised as 1970s Mdina, but i dont think it is, mainly, the rough Pontil is not right!
Im sure someone will know this one.
All suggestions welcome
Andy :D

trying again with photos.
Ah hah its working!  ;D

Hi Andy -

Though I don't think it's usual, Mdina can have the remains of a pontil mark.
See this one of mine:

On this vase if the base had been ground enough to remove the pontil completely there would be no clear casing left on the base (if that makes sense  ;))

I can't say I'm familiar with the shape or decor of your vase - someone else may be. The grinding does have the "look" of Mdina.


Thanks Robbo,
if its Mdina, i think it probably is early, and look at this one in the US, its not signed, and
the colours look too busy!

Hmmmm :huh:

I need to get the bottom of this one!

Hi Andy,

I've not seen a Mdina vase as busy as that either - but compare the colour and strapping to this signed paperweight I sold recently:




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