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Mattituck Bottling Works... Anyone heard of it?


I have a light purple 7.5 inch bottle that is stamped "Mattituck Bottling Works, Mattituck, L.I.   It has the number 260 on the bottom if it, and is very heavy... I inherited it from an old family member
I am in search of any information of this company, its products, this bottle in particular, if its actually worth anything, and hopefully the dating of when these bottles were made.  If anyone has any information that they can share, I would be grateful!
Thanks, Cheryl

If you check the labels listing at the top of the forum, there are several pointing to bottle mark sites, as the emphasis is on US bottles you might get lucky.

What does the L.I. stand for? I cannot think of a state with those initials. :oops:

Leeward Islands, I guess

L I = Long Island (New York).


Seems to come from your home town, so why not check out your local histories at the library?


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