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Hi Memebers
                  Would these handkerchiefs i found today be by chance bros? if so when and is there a name for the different patterns and colours, the large one is 7ins to the tip of the handkerchief, 9ins wide where they turn in on them selfs, i have put the picture's of the small one's with this post so there are not 3 post's going at the same time, about handkerchiefs.

The small ones are 4is in hight to the tips and 4.5ins wide, being that they are both the same measurements i presume that they are made in a mould? how many colours did they come in,


Hi Steve,

Might I recommend David's fabulous book............ Chance Expressions, which is really easy to buy here:
It is well worth investing in, and not expensive either  ;D
You can read reviews on his book here:,19525.0.html
It really is worth investing in a few good glassy books  ;)


.......but, until you get a couple of books, Steve:
No.1 Gingham, introduced in 1978.
No.2 Cordon, introduced in 1961.
No.3 Polka Dot, introduced in 1974.

All info available in the above mentioned book......  :D ;D ;)

Cheers Della.
                  Just saw some on ebay, did'nt realize there were so many different types and colours also size's

Steve you'd be astounded how many variations there are. In the book David does a chart with all the size and colour variations that were made - if you had one of each you'd need to find lots more shelf space! :) (I'll second Della's recommendation to buy David's book too - as it covers so much, not just the hankie vases, but also all the slumped and pressed glass production - hundreds of pieces are identified and it will really get you clued up what to look out for from Chance.)


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