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Are these cool "vessels" really Murano glass?


Hi.  Has anyone ever seen blown glass objects like these before?  Do you think that they are authentic Murano glass?  Approximate age & value???
Thanks!  -Kaypop :D

They are hanging lamp shades (not "vessels") and they are definitely Italian in origin. They are probably from Murano, but if they are molded then it is possible that they are from elsewhere in Italy.

How big are they? Also, can you tell me where you foud them? they look great, specially the Blue one! Do you have many of them? I would certainly be interested, hehe :)

Hi.  I have three shades in three sizes ranging from about 5" long to 10" long. I'm still curious about how exactly they were made. They appear to be blown either into the cage or blown & then caged???

When I take out the screws and open them, the glass on the inside is white and less thick than the colored glass, layered perhaps?  Also, there is a hole at the rounded end of them (underneath the metal loop), as if they could be wired for lighting.  The tip at the opposite end is solid.  
Also, someone thought they could have been sold as part of a pole lamp.  Any thoughts?  
Thanks again -Kaypop

those lamps are pretty common in Venice. Sometimes they are made in Murano, but normally the production start from the "ironmaker", the craftman who make the metal/iron structure, than he order some simple glass shaped on his metal structure. Therefore the glass is very simple and it can be made in Murano, as in Piombino Dese (out of Venice in the mainland) or in Empoli.
I have always seen them in Venetian shops at very reasonable prices.




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