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How do I upload photos???


Hi.  I'm having a difficult time uploading my photos.  I don't understand your methods.  I've submitted a question about some possible Murano glass & would like to be able to add photos of them.  Any help for me?  Thank inexperienced "url" -er.........--Kaypop :D [/img]

Hi Kaypop,

Just follow one of the three versions of easy instructions (whichever suits you best) in this link:,6522.0.html

(These instructions are in a "Sticky" message at the top of the main Glass forum)

And I can confirm that your links in the other message either give "Page not found" or access denied. It may be that you need to set the access permissions to "public" in your yahoofs photo directory. But if you use the Tinypic version as in the link above, it should work ok.


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