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Has any-one else noticed the regularly recurring demise of domestic, pressed glass, when the above company takes a majority share-holding? Ravenhead, Sklo Union, etc?
OK, we know they are a container glass co, but, do they have no soul?
Le Casson

I think they supplied the production machinery and therefore are automatically involved (finance, repo) if a company fails. OI is not a raider that creeps up on unsuspecting glass industries to pull the chair from underneath - at least I don't think so....

Thanks Ivo,

It would be interesting to know where the moulds go. Moulds from Inwald/Sklo Union at Teplice will have been split with Libochovice, Hermanova and Rosice, when the pressing shop, (Rudolfova) closed.

I guess many others will just have been scrapped.



OI are a large corporation with a primary duty to shareholders, this includes buying up competition and moving production to a cheaper location. We should not allow emotion to get in the way here this is how our society stays ahead in a competitive marketplace.

Glass is from a commercial perspective no different to any other product.


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