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Help needed to identify this vase


whitefriars 007:
I would be grateful for any comments as to the maker, age and a rough value of this vase.  The vase is engraved with 3 fish & a fishing net, the walls are thick and have a ribbed effect on the inside.  The vase measures 8.5 inches high at the back and 8 inches at the front, the base has signs of age and a ground out pontil similar to that found in Whitefriars pieces.  It has been suggested it may be a Bengt Orup Johansfors vase - any advice would be appreciated,  thank you. :lol:

As long as my Scandi book is correct, this is Bengt Orup for Johanfors mid -1950's, although the one in the book is taller.  I think the incredibly lovely Gina has identified one the same on www.whitefriars.   :wink:  8)

<<slightly bulbous cylindrical form with horizontal optic and asymmetrical rim in clear glass, with deeply cut fish and engraving of a net.  h.10-12"    Sweden.  $250-300>>

I'd take the value with a pinch of sea-salt if I were you, books aren't always right.

whitefriars 007:
Hello Max

Many thanks for your reply.  I did put this vase on the whitefriars site and Gina's was the only reply I received.  Just wanted to get a few more opinions to make sure it is Scandinavian.

Your advice has been a great help - many thanks.

Kind regards



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