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Stunning Fish , Lalique? Carp

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I know its a bit busy here, just got some super new bits, sorry im gonna make it a bit busier,
but i guarantee you will all love :love: most of it!

Here is a little fishy, the only thing wrong with him is it should have Lalique on it ,
but its not signed!

Any ideas?
Do fish go in the Zoo ? Is there an Aquarium ;D

He looks a bit more green under Flash :D

(He measures 4 inches long, 2 1/4 inches tall)

I've got that same beast in orange with nibbled fins and it took me 15 years asking around before I gave up. I gave up. No ID coming 4ward....

Aquarium for sure, we even have a cage for the human animal :mus: , had to introduce that after the figural bottles got emptied... a safe for jewellery and a garden for food and plants. It has become a rest home for all figural glass.

Expecting a burst of population growth in the next week...

Reminds me of Desna?


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