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Stunning Fish , Lalique? Carp

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Desna sounds good, ive just googled and wow :o  some of their quite recent stuff is fantastic.
Ivo, did you rule out Desna?
Frank, are photos ok for the Zoo? need any more?
Im sure this is 1920s/30s, its got a couple of small chips to the base, nothing big enough to
remove a r lalique mark tho!
Maybe its a part of something larger? maybe its had a bit of repair to the base? and lost signature?

Ivo, have you still got piccie of your Orange one?


(ps im a fisherman, and its the nicest carp ive seen , i had its brother/sister in a tank a few years ago)

I don't think of Desna much, here is the goldfish with diamond eyes.

Aha!  I did wonder if there had once been something in the eyes of Andy's fish!  I wondered from his picture if it might have been some sort of gilding.  Now I see Ivo's fish I understand! 

I presume they aren't really 'diamonds', Ivo?  ;)

hes lovely :clap:

Seriously, theyre not diamonds are they :o

Cheers Andy

I'd say no way but unable to locate the beast anywhere so i cannot ckeck.


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