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Northwood, 'Fluted Scroll' or 'Klondyke'

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I am a complete novice to vaseline glass.  I found this piece, and have verified that is is vaseline glass, with a black light.  Now, I'd like to know if it is old, new, reproduction, or what!  I've seen a dish similiar to this online... one identified as Northwood (but it had a cover), and another without a lid.  But I believe that one said that it had the Northwood mark on it.  I can see no marks on it.  This dish is 5 1/2 inches across & 2 inches tall.  

here are pics:

If anyone can help me, I'd SURE appreciate it!

Thanks, Barbara

Mod: pics vanished and irretrievable, threat retained for info on Klondyke.

Ooooh Barbara!  that's just the sort of thing I like!   :shock:  :D

If it is uranium glass I think it has to have some age, as uranium is not allowed to be used in glass any more (except by restorers - shh!)  

I reckon it dates from the late 1800's.  I think it would certainly be after 1876 because the threading on the bowl appears to be done by machine, and the machine used to apply threaded or trailed decoration was patented by William Hodgetts in that year.  Stevens and Stuart both later patented similar machines to Hodgetts'.  

I don't think Northwood, although I can't quite put my finger on why not  :?

At the end of the day, I'm afraid I don't know the maker, but I would love to know, as I have a vase with feet just like that, although it's not in uranium / vaseline glass!  (My Big Book of Vaseline Glass shows a Stuart with similar rigaree to my vase, but not the 'celery handle' style feet. )

So: Stevens & Wlliams?  Richardson?  Stuart?  Webb?   :shock:  Stourbridge, anyway I reckon!  (Now someone will come along and say 'Czech' or 'Bohemian'  :roll:   :lol: )

Bernard, where are you when we need you?  Or Nigel; whaddya say fellas?


Northwood? Fluted Scroll aka Klondyke.


PS. I forgot to add a date. 1898 - interesting because this was the "Gold Rush" and that's when Northwood introduced the name Klondyke. Not all Northwood glass is marked.

:shock: Gosh!  I stand corrected!  :shock:  Certainly looks like Northwood Klondyke to me!  :?

So Glen, Could it be possible that my vase is by Northwood as well?  It isn't vaseline glass, it's amber with clear feet and rigaree.  I must admit I never thought of it being from the US.  

Here's a pic:  


Hi Leni - this is not my main area of expertise, so I hope that some of our US members who are more experienced in this area will comment. I don't think your vase is Northwood's Klondyke (aka Fluted Scroll aka Jackson). I believe it should have the "threading" up near the top to be characteristic of the pattern.

By the way, I have read that Klondyke has been repro'd by Mosser, but not in vaseline.


BTW...gorgeous vase, Leni  :lol:

And a PS...if that's a margarita you're sipping, I want one too!


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