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Some of the glass I bought on Holiday

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Here is some of the lovely glass I bought in a flea market in Yorkshire on my holiday, and I would like some help with it please.

This one is signed Karlin Rushbrook 8/1978 on the edge. I have googled them and found they are a well know glass maker, but I would really like to know, are they a MR. or a MS.
It is the most wonderful tactile piece, and I love the holes. :D

This one is IOW with the flame logo on the base, and I think Sue had a simlar one, but Mdina :?:

but I can't find out the date or what the colourway is called,  I suppose its a vase, but you wouldn't get many flowers in the hole :cry:

The third piece is the most confusing, its a little dish by Gullaskruf, and is signed on the base, Gullaskruf-1991 and P.K ?? But I can't find the label it has in any book or web site, it is little and oval and says Gullaskruf Glasatelje Sweden.

Is the 1991 the date or the pattern number of the dish/bowl? The red and green stripes are really lovely.

Have got some other pieces which I will post when they are unpacked.


Karlin Rushbrook = he
to read more about him use search above for previous topic

:D Hi Barbara,
  This is Isle of Wight Studio Glass, which started in '72-3. They did not use the flame logo immediately, and they stopped using the flame logo in '82. I don't know the name of the colourway, there was a colourway known simply as pink and purple swirl, (see pic.4 in Ruth's thread "glass collection") but this has white in it too.
  I am currently waiting for a reply from Ron Wheeler about the exact naming of these pieces. He told me a vase I have in the same shape was a "fish" vase (because it looks like a tropical fish when you turn it sideways), whereas I thought these were lollipops, and that what are commonly known as "axeheads" are actually "fish" vases. I'm still confused! :?  I shall let you know when I find out! :D
  As for the hole being too small to get flowers in it, :roll::twisted::D   it's Art Glass! It's not meant to be definitely a functional piece! :D:D:D


many thanks for the replies. :)

 Sue, I knew I had seen one of yours somewhere, and it was the same shape as mine. I think it must have been made with husbands in mind, just the one punny bloom :twisted:

Its nice to know Karlin Rushbrook is a man, he makes the most wonderful glass :lol:


Raoul Karlsson:
The third piece marked P.K = Peter Kuchinke. 1991 is the year. Peter started Gullaskruf Glasatelje in june 1990 in the old Gullaskrufs glassworks building, that closed down in 1983 (by Orrefors).


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