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Help with Kosta Items Needed--Need ages and bowl "patte


hi All
First time posting-was directed here by PGP Ebay board member.

I also will be submitting a question re: Bohemiam glass-next time-do I combine any questions-or do separate posts??

I have 2 Kosta items-both marked-but still need info.

Bowl is by Ehrner-#58028-would love to know age and name for this line/style.Value?

Sculpture is 8"x5"x1"  signed Kosta 93178 mj?-I believe this to be by mats Jonassons-when he was with Kosta-would like to verify this-and determine value.


The second item, with the swans, certainly looks like Mats Jonasson.  He worked for Kosta from 1969-75, so that gives you a timeframe.

As to value, probably the best thing to do is watch Ebay.  Mats Jonasson pieces turn up regularly, so search these for Kosta pieces - that'd be my advice.

Here's another piece of advice too..  :wink:  Buy Ivo Haanstras book:  Glass Fact File A-Z, published by Millers, ISBN 1 84000 429 0.  It's an invaluable book and inexpensive to buy.   :D

Thanks Max!!  I do watch his stuff on Ebay--but have not seen one like this! I too believe it is his--just needed some confirmation.

Bill G:
The bowl, designed by Anna Ehrner was called "Kosta Olivia".
This bowl came in two sizes: one 3 1/8" and one 4 3/8" in height

They appear in the Kosta 1980's catalog.

Appearing in the same catalog is the engraved work by Mats Jonasson under the number 93178.
This is the two swans.

THANK YOU Bill !!!!  I really appreciate it.


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