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Need Help with IDs -Bohemian ? Glass



I have 2 items that need ID!! They have "stumped" the Ebay PGP Board and Ebay glass chat board.!!
I am clueless.

1. gorgeous 5"' H vase-clear,blue and amber with nice cuttings. lots of bottom wear.  flashed?  This is for my collection-but would love an ID , age, etc.

2. a pair of 5" H -3" Wide -- ruby , vases or tumblers (which?) Heavy, and have flat,thick , ground rim. Nice etch design. lots of bottom wear.
Hoping someone has an ID,etc. I really wish to list these for sale-so need more info.



Obviously of Czech origin  :roll:

as far as manufacturer??? many firms made glass like this....


Hi Janette

I could only find the pics of your yellow flashed vase.  :?:   That one appears (as you confirm) to have some age to it.  I particularly like the blue 'honeycomb' around the neck.

I'm sorry I can't help you with the age, or confirm origin.  I'm sure someone will be along soon that will be more use to you.   :)

Thank you both for your help!!  I really do love this vase and just wanted to know more!


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