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Two pressed glass questions

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Image of yours/mine deco vase:

Image of the raised lettering vase:



Aaaaaaarrgh....encore un fois.... c'est moi, LeClerq :lol:  :lol:


Marcus, sorry I haven't answered earlier, I've been away for a couple of days and just got back. You asked:

--- Quote ---Does anyone know whether the bases of moulds could be changed to give an indication of the intended export market?
--- End quote ---

The answer (if I understand the question correctly) is yes. In a pressed glass mould, the parts are basically, the mould, plunger, top ring and base plate. The base plate can be changed easily. As an example - in our Carnival club wwwcga, we have a commemorative that Fenton make for us. Each year we have a new base plate made with lettering on it to note the location of our Convention and the year.

Apologies in advance if I have misunderstood you, and you knew all the above.

Regarding glass marked "Tchecoslovakie", I have a number of examples and know of quite a few more. Mainly Carnival of course. Most of them were made by Josef Inwald or Josef Rindskopf.


Thanks for this, Glen.

What puzzled me about this vase is that stylistically it is 1950's/60's, and much of the other Czech post-war stuff I have, is UK market, and un-marked. It is one of those, was it legislation that Czech exports to France had to be marked, (and I have not managed to discover this here yet), or is the vase much earlier than I think. Giving the Shrotter vase from 1940, which is much earlier than most assume, as an example, then the same might apply.

Market or date, either way this one is bugging me.

Thanks for the help everyone.


Cathy B:

--- Quote from: "Le Casson" ---
--- Quote ---As Iittala puts it: "A simple shape which captures the essence of its design purpose to create a mood of 'oneness' through light. When lit, one can readily see the philosophy reflected; that nothing can overcome this soft glow of flame - one can only work together with it" unquote
--- End quote ---

That has to be one of the worst examples of advertising excess around. But it had me smiling.
--- End quote ---

Well, it's better than "These are boring little squat cylinders which you can stick a candle in if you like. Or not, your choice."



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