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Hi there,
   Does anyone know of a paperweight maker who will put a dried out rose I have into a paper weight?? is that possible? - or does anyone else have any ideas about what I can do with in terms of glass!? I live in West Sussex so I would prefer to use someone in this area. Thank you in advance for your help.

You could put it in an acrylic weight, craft shops may have DIY kits.

You might find a glass-blower who would blow you a hollow 'bubble' which could then have a stopper put in the bottom  :shock:

I remember seeing this done with dried flowers a few years ago.  Anyone else remember them?  

Is it a very 'special' rose?   :wink:  I have a few dried roses from my wedding bouquet which I keep in a brandy balloon   :oops:  

All together, everyone: "Aaaaaah" :roll:  :wink:


It's nice to keep special flowers like that. I have a bowl full which date back to my son's birth and include petals from every special bouquet since. My other half calls it my "bowl of dead things" and finds it highly funny that I tip it from one bowl to another in order to clean the original bowl. Just to keep this On Topic, I should say that the bowl is an enormous blue glass one which fills the centre of the coffee table, it's modern, and probably mass-produced, but I like it and it's big enough to hold the "dead things".  :lol:

Yes it is a very special rose! my boyfriend bought it for me for our first valentine's day we had together and its been around ever since. Leni you mentioned a glass blower might be able to help can you point me in the direction of one in the west suusex region- woulc it be expensive? Also what's a brandy balloon?

thanks lsquared :D


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