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Glass Toby Jug ID = Duncan & Millar Old Charlie


A friend asked me to help her identify this.  I know it is patterned after a Toby jug but I can't find any glass ones.

Glass Toby Jug

Sorry, I don't have the dimensions on it but she also has 4 matching glasses.


Thank you for your insight.

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There was a good article by Tom Bredehoft about these in All About Glass Vol. 1 No. 1 page 23.  They were originally made by Duncan and Miller of Washington, PA circa 1934 and called Old Charlie. When Duncan & Miller closed in 1955 most of their moulds went to the US Glass plant at Tiffin, Ohio but there is no record that this tumbler mould was ever transferred.

The tumblers are being made currently by Appalachian Glass of Weston WV using a mould they acquired from West Virginia Glass Specialty.  It is not known how they got the mould.  Appalachian Glass call it the Buccaneer.

The whereabouts of the pitcher mould is not known.

All About Glass is the publication of the West Virginia Museum of American Glass.  I recommend subscribing to this excellent journal if you don't already. Visit their webpage at:


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Whitefriars did glass Toby jugs but this doesn't looks like one of theirs.

Thank you, Sid. !!

With your information, I found a picture of both the jug and glasses in Depression Era Glass by Duncan by Pina.

I knew I had seen this before but I have so many glass reference books it is hard to remember sometimes where to look  :oops:

whitefriars 007:

I have attached a link showing some whitefriars Toby jugs from my collection.  You will clearly see a difference - these are the 1 pint versions called Barnaby.  There is an article on whitefriars Toby jugs on the link below in the category whitefriars & their glass.  Hope this helps for future reference.




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