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Gillender & Sons Westard Ho Pattern ?


Hello everyone..

I just picked up at an estate sale 9 goblets and a compote in the Westward Ho pattern.  Can anyone tell me what I should look for in order to determine if an original or reproduction?   Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Boy Westward Ho, the first reproductions of the goblet appeared in1936 and it has been reproduced ever since in one form or another. Jenks, Luna, and Reilly devote three pages to this pattern in their book "Identifying Pattern glass Reproductions" published in 1993. If you can get a copy and read the entire section it would be worth your while. At the end they give a hint as they call it. "Reproductions have poor pattern detail and frosting is harsh. They also state that repros are heavier than originals. Now I always feel this is nice to know, but unless you have a known original to compare, how can you??? Terry

Thanks Terry for the book suggestion


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