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Please can you help with this ??Whitefriars

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I have tried to get on the Whitefriars forum board but either I have pressed the wrong buttons or their confirmation email is slow.
The weight is 3"  high with the base 1" diam. slightly concave, fine polished, similar to an abstract Whitfriars pwt I have which had the original label.
There are a couple of white inclusions but I don't think they are  signature cane .
The bubbles are swirled.
Thank you for looking.
Jean :?

Hello Jean  :)

This doesn't look like any Whitefriars paperweight I've seen before, but possibly I haven't seen all the designs.  

I can give you a photo of the base of one of mine, for you to see:

Hope it helps!   :D


Regardless of the base, which is significantly different, there also appears to be quite a difference in the quality of the glass in favour of Max's piece.
This design is not uncommon and like many others it is probably on the list of those manufactured in the Far East.




Thank you Max and Gareth.
I have only seen chinese pwts -the ones I have seen have all had the flat dull grey finish..

Hi Jean

I think you'll find as someone else pointed out recently,( may have been KevH but not sure), that the Chinese weights are continuing to improve, and therefore certain characteristics may no longer exist as a consistent point of reference.
 With regards to Chinese weights in some respects its a shame as there would appear to be some talented people over there that do not have the same opportunities to express their individuality comensurate with their abilities. China however is very fast moving at the moment so doubtless that situation may well change in the not too distant future....and as they have such a tremendous cultural heritage to draw upon the results could be quite interesting.
 I think it was Nostradamus who spoke of the "invasion" from the days gone by this was basically interpreted as it will most likely be an economical one and certainly not to be under-estimated in its capacity to change that which we now take for granted...  :roll:  :roll: oops sorry...I think Ive drifted off subject.





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