Author Topic: A fantastic guide book for visitors to Murano!  (Read 3571 times)

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A fantastic guide book for visitors to Murano!
« on: March 26, 2008, 11:25:44 AM »
I wasn't sure whether this should be posted in the Glass Books forum, (No doubt Moderators will decide if it properly belongs in the Books forum - or even the cafe!  ::) ) but I decided to post it here, as it is not just a Glass book.  It is in fact entitled "Comprehensive Guide to the Island of Murano (+San Michele Island)" and it covers "history, art, culture of glass, glassworks and shops, restaurants, hospitality".   The authors are Michela and Nicolo Scibilia and the ISBN number is 978-88-7200-281-0

I bought it in the Glass Museum on Murano, but - regrettably  :-[ - I didn't read it until I got home  ::)  Now I want to GO BACK to see everything I MISSED!  :hb2: 

This is a wonderful book, which everyone intending to visit Murano should have.  It is published by Vianello Photo Books, as is available in  many languages, although their website - (enter  'Murano' in the search box) - currently only shows it in Italian :-\ :(   

It contains pictures and information about all the glassmakers, giving their family connections.  There are pictures of the different types of glass and methods of making it, and contact details of all the glassworks and galleries, including information as to whether they are open to the public (and when) or whether they are open by appointment or trade only. It also contains information on where to eat, with a rough guide to how much a meal will cost at each venue, and  also where to stay and how much that will cost. 

With maps and plans and pictures - LOTS of pictures! :D - it is incredibly useful!  And as it was only published last year it is presumably right up-to-date!  With this book I would recommend prospective visitors plan a week's holiday (at least!) staying on Murano, with perhaps a couple of day-trips to Venice, rather than - as most tourists seem to do - the other way round!  ;D


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