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Cranberry and white splatter jug

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Good afternoon all.
Lynne and Christine on 20th. Century Pottery have suggested that I post this jug here. I hope someone will be able to ID it for me.
Jug is 19 cm high and 16 cms wide at the widest.

Very difficult to photo the base, but I can tell you that it is very shallowly concave from the outer edge for about 2 cms in towards the middle. This area is "puckered", almost like the skin that forms on paint. (Or the wrinkles around my 50-odd year old lips ;))
The centre of the base is more deeply concave and completely smooth.

I have a couple of other pictures if these aren't enough.
Any help greatly appreciated!


The wrinkling is often seen on mould blown stuff, so that's OK. Is that lots of base wear I see?

Afraid so! When we were kids, this jug held home-made lemonade and it was whacked around quite a bit. Strangely, there is much more wear to the one side. Perhaps it has been slightly uneven?

If you've had it that long (cough), it's probably something that could date from late 19th C to 1930s and might very well be Bohemian. I might go with the more recent end of that time span - the glass looks very clear. But there again, I could be wrong. It's very nice, much nicer than yellow splatter

Hi Aine and Christine...;D


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