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EXPERTS Pls Help w/Unique Murano Ballerina Figurine

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We have searched and searched for any info on this kneeling ballerina figurine and haven't seen anything like her. She is just precious especially with her pleated turquoise and gold acented skirt and white ballet shoes. Any thoughts as to the maker, age, value, etc. is so much appreciated! And, please excuse the unlady like shot of the base!
Lenore  8)

Not sure about the expert help, however, I would say either Seguso or Barovier and having gone through 600 pages of Seguso figures and drawn a blank which surprised me as the colours looked Seguso, I'll take a flyer and go for Barovier & Toso from the 1950's, but you will probably get a more informed opinion  than this.

Wow! You are so nice to have looked through 600 pictures! Thank you so much. What is the name of the book you went through as it sounds like it must be one of those "must have" books. Thanks again!
Lenore 8)

Again I'm afraid just my archived loose leaf folders I'm afraid nothing published and buyable, but always glad to help if I can.


--- Quote from: "lenore" ---And, please excuse the unlady like shot of the base!
Lenore  8)
--- End quote ---

I love that picture!  :lol:  

She looks like she's scrubbing the floor!  



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