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Ravenhead Apollo Glasses by Annette Meech



While I agree there is a serious surfeit of Ravenhead "white fire" and "siesta", why, oh why can I not find large "Apollo" glasses? Even the wee ones are quite hard to find.
Apollo were designed by Anette Meech. They have a chunky, solid, rounded base, with a big dent in it, like a half bubble.
I've been collecting the Nevada glasses for some time now - they're very practical. They are coloured, mould blown, textured almost as if they're collapsing in on themselves. They hold a bottle of non-alcoholic ginger beer, and go nicely in the dish-washer. :D

Aw, I love the hyperbole of amateur auctions... "This artefact is surely extremely rare if not uniquely surviving."

Here's my box of unique artifacts...  :lol:

They're smaller ones - I can't remember which exactly, and the box is buried somewhere. I've three boxes of Siesta too that I felt sorry for at a carboot t'other week, but one is missing a 26cl straight-edged tumbler.  :(


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