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Anyone seen this mark?
I found one other like it at a gallery in Chicago. Called White. By Josiah McElheny. Part of a collection. Sold as a collection.

Hi Glassaholic,
It is not Seguso but believe its Venini... Also, this vase you have pictured was on another Murano glass message board before. I dont know if you can use the persons images. The vase was on loan to a museum too, so I don't know who has the rights to the photos now. We should really take into consideration what photos are "grabbed" and from where. Why dont you post your own photos?


Hi,  The vase is mine. It was in the New Orlems Museum of Art on loan for a year. I contacted Marina Barovier who offered $17,000.00 for it. I contacted Quittenbaums who identified it as carlo Scarpa 1929/30. It has an insured value of $20,000.00 USD from the New Orleans museum of Art who documented it as MVM Cappellin. The LOSCH's identied the mark as SEGUSO. I believe it to be VENINI also. But the facts are not clear. Until then its just a piece of glass. Christies suggested a Barovier mark. WHO KNOWS?  I have 2 pieces with that mark.

Heres another vase that does indeed document this as Carlo Scarpa. :D

Have you tried Sothebys in London?  Try Simon Cottle, he's one of the foremost glass experts in the country. I think his personal taste runs more to Jacobean glass, but he's friendly and approachable - and worth a try for an opinion.   :)


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