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Wow!  :shock:  Super!   :D

Your pictures showed mine up, Ray,  :oops: so I've edited my post to put better pics in.  

Fancy finding a Strathearn in Egypt!  :?  The mind boggles!   :shock:  


yes Leni the mind does boggle, i was walking past this shop and seen a amberina vase, so i went for a closer look as we all do, it was blenko but the stopper was missing, but the shop had quite alot of bagley glass but nothing special, the shop was like Aladdin's cave for stuff, most of the item's he said was left after the 2nd WW and from around the Howard Carter days in 1922, he has no idea where the weight came from but it's defo not 2nd WW I'd say around the middle 70's


How to date Strathearn "closepack / carpet" weights that have no date cane ...

It's easy ...

1964 to 1980

Honestly, there is currently no simple way to give an accurate date to any of the regular production, undated, weights. They were made in their thousands and there are probably many hundreds of individual canes that could be found in these weights.

I did once ask Richard if he would consider making up a table of individual canes from at least his dated weights, rather like the tables I started for my signed Paul Ysart ones. Not surprisingly, he declined on the basis of not having the time to achieve such a mammoth task.

By producing a cane reference we might be able to see something that helps to define a period. Until then, there is no way to know - except for certain types of cane that do seem to be later production (last two or three years perhaps), but in Leni's and Ray's weights shown, there are none of these "later types".

Maybe, if I could get my hands on as many Strathearn weights as Richard has, I would have a go at tabling all the canes - but then I have still not got around to adding all the canes from my unsigned Ysart weights.

One day ... maybe ...

Within the worlds of voices how loudy silence speaks... and says so much.


Hmmm.  So, Kevin, you seem to be saying there is no way of telling if a Strathearn weight was made in 1964 or in 1980  :?

But in my observations I have noticed a great variety in the quality of Strathearn canes, some quite small and detailed and others quite large and simple - those I tend to call the 'dolly mixture' type.  Are you saying that there is no distinction between these? That *all* these canes were likely to have been used at any time throughout the '60's and '70's?  

If I have understood you, it is only possible to say that if a weight has Vasart canes it is likely to be early, and if it has some of the identifyably later canes it is likely to be - obviously enough  :roll: - late, right?  

Do you know if there is a book I could get, or is it best, as Gareth suggests, to just keep looking at Richard's website?  

And Gareth, what you say about silence is very true.  However, being thick again  :oops: , I'm afraid I don't see what you mean by it in this context.  Care to explain?



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