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well me and my wife Julie were honored on Sunday afternoon, on the Friday Allan Scott asked me and Julie up to the caithness glass factory for a guided tour, so after the glass conference finished we meet up with Allan and his wife Evonne and headed to caithness, Allan showed me his little work office what a mess lol no it wasn't that bad, he showed me some of his weight's he made yrs ago, then he showed me how to make a lampworked flower, what skill this man has it took him 5 min's to make the flower in the photo and it took me about 15 min's to make mine, i was pleased for my 1st attempt you can tell who's was who's and then Allan showed us around the factory  was very interesting and then went for a brew at his house and to look at his private paperweight collection i could of walked out of there with my pocket's full but Allan would of noticed, both of us had a great afternoon and many thanks to Allan and Evonne for there hospitality

thanks from Ray & Julie

click image for larger photo

RAY!  :shock:

Do you *know* how envious I am?  :cry:

You lucky, lucky pair!  How I wish I could have been there!   :(

And you got to do some lampwork, too!  :shock:

Seriously, I'm very impressed!  Looks like a fantastic attempt.  Well done!  :D



--- Quote from: "Allan" ---Hi,again,
            They look great,I really like the ones on the far end of the table,the colours look really cool.
                         Allan :D
--- End quote ---

Thank you Alan.

--- Quote from: "Gareth" ---
Some of the "earthy" ones have a kind of Hans Coper feel to them.....impressive display particularly when shown together like this.

--- End quote ---

Hans Coper? Were you trying to make my day? week? month? year? :!: That is one of the most generous compliments anybody could wish for. Thank you, Gareth. :D

Looks good, are obviously a natural! :D

   I have to say Ray's effort at lampwork was really good, ( it was actually the coaching from the sidelines by his wife Julie that made it so good, LOL).It was also very good of you,Ray,to say my room was'nt that messy,( It really is ).Seriously, it was a great pleasure to meet everyone at the convention and hopefully we will all meet again. :D


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