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anyone heard of Geoffrey Franklin?

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...designer active in the early 60s, possibly glass, possibly textiles or some other medium. Possibly also connected with RCA?

Intriguingly, the 1961-62 Sherdley catalogue for screen-printed tumblers gives him design credit alongside Alexander Hardie Williamson. (Most of the designs for that year are shown in this advert:

Quite exciting, given that the screen-printed tumblers are generally assumed to have been all AHW's work.  :o

David E:
I wonder if he was associated with the Merrymaker range, rather than the more obvious tumblers, which do appear to be AHW's domain?

Sue C:
I'm really sorry havent had time to read through all this, any help??

David E:
Possible: the article gives a date:

--- Quote ---Geoffrey Franklin Collings was described as a twenty-eight year old 'Commercial Designer' and Dulcie May Willmott as a twenty-three year old 'Commercial Artist' at the time of their marriage in 1933
--- End quote ---

So in 1960, he would have been about 55, so still within the bounds of possibilities. Only snag could be the surname - he does appear to be known as Geoffrey Collings.

Still, a good hit, Sue  :clap:

Edit: Heidi, mght be a false bit of research, but try searching for
 "Geoffrey Collings" +design

Date: Geoffrey Collings (1905-2000)

Also:,handmade ... does seem to be more film orientated.

And no mention of glass.


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