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caithness vase or lamp base?


could this be caithness?, got this one off ebay, it stands 4.5" high, it's been very well done it has an engraved ship on the front but the way the glass makers done it  looks like it's in rough seas with blues purples and greens and at the top of the vase blue for the sky, it's signed on the base COG DC CG

Images have been passed to Frank for the Scotland's Glass site, but may not have been uploaded at the time of writing 30.1.09.

well it is caithness as Allan Scott said below

 I showed the pictures to Helen and Gordon and they confirm that it is a Caithness piece.The DG above the CG stands for Douglas Cowie.. Cithness Glass.Douglas worked for us from the late 70s to the late 80s.Gordon thinks that the piece dates from the early 80s.the design is a sandblasted stencil.They think the vase was a design sample that never got issued.How it got on the market,who knows?.I would imagine a lot of things found their way out of the Wick factory on their own steam,especially when it was closing down.We are still puzzled by the CoG mark,none of us remember it being used ,so we think it must be something Douglas used for his own information.It might of been for the design or something.I hope this helps you somewhat.


just a point

The C and G of CoG.. look totally different to the CG presumably for Caithness Glass.......almost as though they were from different hands maybe??




hi Gareth

now you mention it, i can see the diffrence now, if not by the same hand who could it be?

Would Douglas have both blown the glass and done the engraving?  If not, is it possible that the COG was put on by whoever did the bit Douglas *didn't* do?  

How about getting back to Allan to query this?  



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