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Murano Womble "Clown" figure!


David E:
Can I just say one thing first?


However, I often get passed them to sell on behalf of my local Antique Dealer and I know some people collect them.

OK, that's out of the way... but has anyone ever come across a glass WOMBLE?! I always thought the Clowns and end-of-day figures were mainly from Murano and would have dated this as c.1960, but as the Wombles didn't really catch on until around the early-1970s that blows a hole in this theory.

But it is definitely Venetian (if not Murano) according to the slightly rubbed label, which states 'Venetian Glass Company' and does exhibit age. Strange that the Muranese glass makers caught onto this Womble trend, but perhaps they were trying to entice British tourists?

Any thoughts would be most welcome. Now... am I confusing our overseas members by mentioning "Womble"?  :lol:


Lastly, does anyone know about the theory of the so-called 'scorpion' marks that feature on the buttons of the Clowns? Apparently this should signify them as Murano clowns from 1950/60s as opposed to the later Chinese copies.

I also have several glass animals from the same collection, all showing similar age that I might require help on and will list these later.

:lol: It may exhibit age, but it's not great Uncle Tobermory! :lol:

David E:

--- Quote from: "chopin-liszt" ---:lol: It may exhibit age, but it's not great Uncle Tobermory! :lol:
--- End quote ---

No, it doesn't look like a bar of Swiss chocolate...  :wink:


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