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David E:
Don't be put off by Dusty Tomes! (whoever he is!)

Quite often overlooked, but a great source of information for vintage glass, is the out-of-print publications: in this context I date this type of book prior to 1980. They can be a wonderful resource for collectors, vendors and researchers as they provide a contemporary source of information. Here are three notable ones that I have:

1946: English Glass, W.B. Honey, Collins

c.1955: Making Pottery and Glassware in Britain (reprinted from various Pottery Gazette & Glass articles), Scott Greenwood Publications (arrived today!)

1956: British Table and Ornamental Glass, J.M. Angus-Butterworth, Leonard Hill Books Ltd.

Plus a whole bunch of The Ideal Home and Decorative Art annuals that provide good glimpses into glassware of that year.

While many of the books listed above are illustrated mainly with monochrome photographs, do not let this put you off! The majority can be picked up quite cheaply from (or .com) and other online booksellers.

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Any more that can be suggested, which I should buy? :-\

I enjoy "vintage" glass books too.

One of my favourites is:
"Iridescent Glass" by Larry Freeman (introduction by Frederick Carder). 1956, 1964. Century House, NY

Then of course, if 1981 counts as "vintage":
"Decorative Victorian Glass" by Cyril Manley. 1981. Ward Lock


1920 - Irish Glass An Account of Glass-Making in Ireland From The XVIth Century To The Present Day, M. S. Dudley Westropp, M.R.I.A., Herbert Jenkins
[ Yes, I know, an original is not easily found and it usually costs a packet if you can find it ... just thought I'd admit to once having parted with a good sum of money in my quest for information!
But it was apparently reprinted in 1978, so maybe I could have saved some money??? ]

1955 - English and Irish Cut Glass 1750 - 1950, E. M. Elville, Country Life

1978 - Victorian Table Glass and Ornaments, Barbara Morris, Barrie & Jenkins

And for good, solid, basic info ...

1923 - Glass-Making in England, Harry J. Powell, C.B.E., Cambrdige University Press

1968 (reprint of 1849 publication) - Curiosities of Glafs Making, Apsley Pellat, The Ceramic Book Company

I have just enjoyed the the Country Life Pocket Book of Glass by Geoffrey Wills, Country Life 1966

The Glass Industry of Germany during the period 1939-45 by Prof H Moore, The final report that was based on the detailed report already in the Glass Study and five others. So a good rounding off. Also kindly donated by David for the Glass Study, the earlier report being donated by Christine. Thank you folks.

It gives a good insight into the glass technology of the period, as well as some of the international relationships.


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