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I like the Glass Collector by Percival, informative but also quite amusing it is so emphatic in its views...

My report was on the UK industry  :huh: , wasn't it?


--- Quote from: Lustrousstone on April 10, 2008, 09:44:08 AM ---My report was on the UK industry  :huh: , wasn't it?

--- End quote ---

Oops yes it was  :-[

Board of Trade, Working Party Reports, HAND-BLOWN DOMESTIC GLASSWARE, 1947, and it is partly used as an example of the Glass-Study contents

and also discussed here,17918.0.html

Pellatt's - Curiosities of Glass Making is also lined up for full digitisation in the Study too.

David E:
A little more diverse, but to anyone interested in industrial glass, such as me, then:

Glass in Architecture and Decoration, 1937, by Raymond McGrath & A.C. Frost

Massive book (on par with Charles Hajdamach's 20th Century British Glass, but 664pp), measuring 24 x 32.5 x 5cm. Plenty of monochrome photographs. Being on the cusp of Modernism, this particular style does feature quite heavily, in particular some stunning engraved glass examples. One example is a sandblasted decoration to a window of polar bears, by Eileen McGrath (presumably related to the author - does anyone know?)

Can be bought through the usual online sellers, such as Alibris and Abebooks for about £24 upwards. (Also check the .com variants)

Free ebooks at

Glass by Edward Dillon, MA - First published 1907

Collecting old glass, English and Irish by Sir James Henry Yoxall - MCMXVI (for you non-romans, 1916  :) )

Vitage enough for you?   ;D

That's all I've found so far.

Grayson, GA USA


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