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David E:
Do you have any info on a Danish company that licensed manufacture of their process, called 'Durographic', c.1950?

I believe Agfa Gevaert now own the rights (from 1964?), but I have a 1955 article mentioning 'Durographic' in relation to slumped glassware produced by Webb Crystal Glass Co. using this process.

There also appears to be a Swiss company, Durographic AG, that went into liquidation recently although I don't think there's any connection.

David E:
Ah well, 6 years later, perhaps someone might be able to help with this now?  ;D

And what is their relation to Durobor Belgium - one of the largest mechanical glass makers who extensively used screen printing on container glass?

David E:
That's a thought, but from what date did they start this? I am looking at c.1950, which is when the Durographic process appears to have been introduced. One of the significant features of this process is the use of half-toning, meaning photos could be printed onto glass, ceramics, etc. and (from what I understand) is more akin to a lithographic printing press, and quite different to silk-screening.

1956 says the good book - when Owens Illinois invested in mechanical glass production in the Verrerie de Soignies.  It is the company that owns Ravenhead.


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