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GTS Mystery Set 15 - 7 Piece Uranium Boudoir Set

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Pamela's candlestick and lidded bowl are from the same set (as each other). I saw a part set in blue yesterday.

I do still have one piece: a small lidded bowl. Interestingly, it has a ground base that is fire polished. Ground is good and common but fire polished is uncommon. No marks on mine

Good Morning
                  Anne & Christine, i will have a feel sometime to day and run my hands over all the parts slowly, ;)in the hope they give up something ;D, i will have to unpack them first, but thats no problem as they are in a box of there own easy to find. If not i will take a look with the magnifer and hope to see a reg number, thank you both for your help and have a nice day.

hi, got a pair of these for  1.50 yesterday, been through the trinket set website and came across some pieces in the mystery section no 15 are these part of that set? sorry about the pics Lee's got me a new camera I'm better with my phone! and used a pen torch going to have to invest in something bigger, thanks kaz

Yes. I had some of these once

Yes, same set Kaz. I don't have any of the candlesticks as yet, which is why there's no pic of them yet. Once you get to grips with your new camera could you do me a couple of shots for the site please? (Full credit given of course.)  :)

The maker of this is still unknown, but am still searching!


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