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Old amber pressed glass lemonade jug & glasses. ID = Sowerby 2550 water set

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Anne E.B.:

--- Quote from: "Adam" ---
The difference which you note is due to the hand-finishing of the top, both for fire-polishing and to form the lip.  As appearance was the only criterion (i.e. no lid or metal fitting to go on the top) the "melter" (the guy who did this) would not use any form of gauge, which would have been necessary if constant diameter had been important.

Adam D.
--- End quote ---

Thanks for that interesting information Adam.   A case of "rule of thumb" I guess.  

Regards - Anne E.B. :D

Cathy b incognito:
Hi Anne: Just a technical point - it's not cut glass, it's press-moulded.

Tony: I have a theory about why any old press moulded glass gets labeled "depression glass" in Australia and New Zealand. Firstly, Crown Crystal was making patterns which looked like EAPG and European glass in the depression, so we call EAPG and European glass "depression glass" because it looks a bit like "our" depression glass. Secondly, we're so much further behind with research!


Tony H:
Hi Cathy
Thank you for your reply, that can explain a lot!!

Tony H


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