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Pressed candlestick - ID = Queen Anne, Tiffin/US Glass, later Betsy Ross


This is puzzling me as it's much fancier and around an inch or so taller than any of my other trinket set candlesticks. It's beautiful and I wonder if it was intended as a standalone stick or as part of a trinket set or what. Does anyone recognise the pattern please? It has no marks or RD no. anywhere.

This looks like Queen Anne by Tiffin/US Glass.  Is it 8 1/4" tall?  If so it was introduced in 1925, reissued in 1934 as part of the Betsy Ross line.  Again in 1938 it was called Pinafore, with modified molds.  The Queen Anne pattern was popular in England and was offered as part of a 7 piece trinket set.


Hi Janice, yes it is that height. Thank you, I'd not thought of it being an American piece... that's really interesting as it's the only piece of a US trinket set which I have. Now to find out what the whole set looks like. Thank you again. :)


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