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help?? Turkish Style (Bohemian or Beligian)


HiYa All!!.....aquired this item from a house clearance of a late estate... checked my books, and the internet to try identify.....can't guess is that it is Bohemian .... husband thinks it's French because of the dress code of the figure depicted. Item measures approx 8 1/2 inches high, jar and stopper are both free blown, seems to be hand decorated and the pictures of the man could be transfer printed....there are 3 pictures of this man around the circumferance. (One of the pics has him sporting 2 moustaches!!). Can anyone help?....have spent about 3 hrs trying to find a similar on the internet!...Cheers...Helen.... ... ..... ...


I doubt very much if you will find anything like it on the net. It was made for the Turkish market, either in Bohemia or in Belgium around the end of the 19th century. The motif of the pasha is mostly found on a Nargile (water pipe) - I think the matching tobacco jar is rarer. I haven't got a clue what the value would be - either in Europe or in Turkey. In any case, they were quickly made and decorated, without much eye for detail.


--- Quote from: "helens_antiques" ---One of the pics has him sporting 2 moustaches!!)
--- End quote ---

Looks to me like it's one colour transfer on top of another, and one has slipped slightly so they don't quite overlap as they should, which makes him look as if he has two moustaches!   :lol:


Thanks everone!! This is a super new here, and am really glad I foubnd this site!!...Will list item on e-bay and give credit to this glass site forum!!...Cheers...Helen


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