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Tony H:
Can anyone tell me about the glass masters Oscar and Licio who is Father and who is son I have found info about them but not sure who is who..

Seen a large sculptur CURL signed Zanetti Licio, it weighs 16lb.

Tony H

I found this website


But it seems to contradict itself on who is son and who is father  :?

Oops! I read your message again and realize this is the website that probably lead to your confusion  :oops:

Tony H:
Thanks yes that is why I am here does anyone know.

Tony H

Much of the glass listed here appears to be from Oscar, and the modernist nature of some sculptures could lead one towards the 1960s, hence the father.

I just came across this on the site (click 'about')

--- Quote ---The Zanetti Vetreria Artistica was founded in 1956 by the glassmaster Oscar Zanetti and his son Licio.
--- End quote ---

Hope this helps.  :)

David E:
Sorry that was me – the phantom log out caught me!

Like Connie I've just come across the next quote:

--- Quote ---In 1989 master Licio Zanetti stepped down in favor of his son Oscar, who had been working by his side since his youth.
--- End quote ---

So this is no help at all! However, other sites seem to confirm Licio was very prominent around the 1960s, so I would say he is the father.

BUT, contradicts this with:

--- Quote ---Zanetti, Vetreria Fratelli
Murano, Venice, Italy (1956 - )
Founded by Oscar Zanetti & his son Licio. Luciano Zanetti.
--- End quote ---

Grief, what a tangled "web" we lead...


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