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Art glass bowl/vase set Cased cranberry. Maker anybody?

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This bowl has a white spiral effect that is applied in the top 1/3 of the bowl only.  It has an optical illusion that makes it look like the whole bowl is made this way.  It's not marked anywhere, there are felt tabs on the base that might look like a label from above.
If anybody can offer any input, I'd appreciate it very much.  Lisa<br>

Gorgeous!!! wish I could help but drawing a blank on this. Terry

In a way it reminds me of  the cranberry swirl of a Clarke's Fairy Lamp but a more modern production.

Sorry, I don't think that is much help either  :oops:

Thanks for the posts.  The vase isn't big enough to hold a candle and it's not open on both ends to go over a candle.  It also weighs a ton :)


Hi Lisa -

I didn't mean the shape so much as the narrow cranberry opalescent swirl pattern.

But this brings up a good point - what are the dimensions of your piece.


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