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Wobbly Ysart paperweight ID - help please Kev H!

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Did anyone ask Paul Ysart about these? No mention in Alison's article which was primarily based on interviews. Is Simmond's the first mention in print, has anyone asked him his source?

This stemmed and footed weight with a sulphide of St Hubert is virtually certainly Belgian.  The description of the two pontil marks sounds just like the similar badge weight that are sometimes attributed to Paul Ysart, but I guess the manufacturing process is standard.


I have a letter from Colin Terris in which he told me Paul Ysart confirmed he made these badge weights and sold them all out of the back door at Moncrieff's Glassworks. Colin also recalls that servicemen would take a badge to Paul and few a few pennies he would put it in a weight.
I personally have never seen any evidence that badge weights, containing badges from British Regiments, were made by anyone other that Paul. Can we sometimes be too clevere ?

The knowledge of the paperweight collectors on here is very impressive :clap:
But saying about being too clever, i would think 'wobbly' in this instance, just means it
doesnt sit flat on the table and wobbles a bit ;)

Andy 8)

I agree with ALexander that it would be great to find a signed badge weight or even one with canes in that could be identified and attributed to an artist but I have never seen one.
The closest I can get is a Vasart weight I have containing a brass badge of the Arms of Perth set on a pale blue base with canes running round the perimeter


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