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Anyone know about Japanese Art Glass 1940s?

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I have this vase that I just bought, and it's acid etched "Japan" on the base.  The history is that this was a wedding present in 1941, that's all the back history I have on it.  It's 9.5-inches tall.  Pulled and encased in clear glass.  Hoping that someone here could point me in the right direction as to who might have made this piece.  Thanks!

I sent these pictures off to the Corning Glass Museum and just yesterday got a reply back from them. 

This is a Toshichi Iwata piece!!! 

its lovely, Japanese glass is very rarely discussed on here, maybe not much has
traversed the Oceans and Continents, but i am sure there must be loads of
wonderful stuff to be discovered!

Any Toshichi Iwata collectors out there???


Andy, There doesn't seem to be a lot of information out there on the internet on Japanese glass.  So I was really happy when the Corning Museum could help me out with this one.  I thought I had sunk a few $$ into this one, but now I'm finding out that I probably did very well on this purchase if I ever choose to sell it.  Right now it's one of my favorite pieces.  :mrgreen:

How brilliant that you got a reply must have been so thrilled!  I can't think of any Japanese glass experts on this board, so it's great you were resourceful enough to email Corning.  Congrats!  :D :D


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