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Barovier & Toso - Glossary of terms


David E:
Found another site (Barovier & Toso) that lists a variety of glassy terms:

Javier, is it worth having a 'sticky' with a compendium of useful links? The Losch's site is another worth considering and it might help new visitors to this forum.

Hi David,
I was trying to follow that path in the "Murano 101" posts, like the one on "Bubbles." Dont know if that worked so well with you guys, I thought it did counting all the hits it got. I just really wanted to get more info on other techniques and posting them with the actual photos.
I know it can be hard to distinguish 1 technique from another without any picture reference.

If any of you guys have photos of different techniques used by Murano artists, you can email them to me, and I can post them in the corresponding "Murano 101" topics.

Lets say doing 1 on Textures, another on Sommerso techniques, etc, like I did for the Bubbles topic. I just need some help with the photos. I do have many items in my collection, but not every single technique used.
That would be a great help.

David E:
Hi Javier,

The Losch's site is probably the best one for this as it depicts a photo for many of the techniques with a brief description, plus it associates techniques with the companies that are commonly associated with them:

However, I don't think this is an exhaustive list as some sommerso techniques might not be included, but it's a very good start. The owner, Uschi Losch, is a nice chap and very approachable and might want to help out. Worth contacting – I will if you want me to.

Keep up the good work: I love these Teach-Ins  :)


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