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Pretty in pink - ID requested, cheese dish, candlesticks,- ID = Stoelzle

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Wow! Thanks Marcus, that's another one pinned down nicely!  :clap:  I can see I'll have to send you a list of my mysteries at this rate!  >:D

Roy, can you repost the 2nd cheese dish as a new topic please as it's clearly not from the same stable as the others. It makes it easier for us to archive identified items then. Thanks. :)

my green set - non uranium glass

Pamela it's lovely.  :clap:

Marcus, can you tell us how many pieces are in the set please?  :-*

Yes please, Marcus!
These three items fit perfectly onto the tray and there is no space left for a pin dish or so. But the candlesticks might have been set aside also I guess

Looks like a complete set, tray pattern number 19699/320x170.
I cannot give a pattern number for the box/deckeldose, as it was not in production, in my 1950s catalogue.


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