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Dark green pressed powder pot

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--- Quote from: Anne E.B. on February 12, 2006, 03:17:36 PM ---A large, old pink pressed glass vase with alternating panels of ridges and hobnail pattern.  Any ideas on what this might be would be much appreciated.

Many thanks :P

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Anne, I have an odd powder pot in green with a similar alternating pattern, but I do  not know who made that either yet sadly. Mine is hobnail and horizontal ridges rather than vertical ones like yours though.

Anne E.B.:
That's a coincidence, I've got the bowl part of your trinket dish (some where?), but without the lid.  My feeling is that it is probably Bohemian, like my vase.   I'll check out a few links, including Pamela's to see if I come up with anything.  Watch this space............ (it might take a while :roll: )

 t'other Anne :P

To both Anne:
don't waste your time, I have not got this pattern ... beautiful it is!
and no idea on the maker...  :?

Anne E.B.:
Thank you Pamela, but it's never a waste of time looking through your fabulous museum.  Any excuse to have a look and enjoy it :P

Anne E.B.:

--- Quote from: Anne on February 12, 2006, 09:37:38 PM ---Anne, is your bowl the same colour green as my pot? It strikes me as an uncommon colour for a trinket set, it's the only example of this colour I've seen anywhere, although others may know better than me.
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Anne - my pot is rose colour.


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