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Is this Richardson's yellow?

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Busy night tonight. Very educational reading through posts though.

This is tall at 30 cms and 8 wide. The foot was added to the body and is a slightly darker yellow. It is light in weight.


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Hi Ruth, The shape is that of the pencil necked vases of Carlo Moretti from 1959 to 1966. These are pictured on pages 46-47 of Pina's book Italian glass century 20. The ones she shows all have clear feet, but I am learning that these must have been popular and came in several colors. so it is possible that this is that, just a variation. Hope this helps. Terry

You're educating me, I think, Terry.  When I saw Ruth's vase, I thought of the ones you put on here a while ago in groups - I do remember correctly, don't I?  I think you've got a similar vase in a soft turquoise?

I think your vase is lovely Ruth, a pretty colour and wonderful restrained shape...mmm.!

Oh Max your memory is fine except no Turquoise, I have two orange and one yellow, all satinzed. Would love to have a blue one and a green one and a red one and I really don't know why these thrill me so, but I just love them, can you tell LOL Terry

Any in Pina in opaque ? Yellow ? ( I dont have my books with me )
Shape is soooooooo Moretti but it''s possible he was copied I suppose.
Richardsons ????????????????


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