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Chinese pattern pink pressed glass tray? - ID = Brockwitz Chinapressung (Chi


Hello , I've got another piece of pressed glass to show you.

It has a dragon in the bottom left corner, a ship under a bridge and two pagoda's. It also has dragons around the rim.  :)

Mod: Photo uploaded to GlassGallery:   :)

It sort of reminds me of the willow pattern in a way.

I'd love to know who made it, any help would be much appreciated.  :)

Hello Tigerchips, me again  :shock:

Your pressed glass item is a very unusual one - in fact I have not seen many of them "in the flesh". It is a tray (probably intended as a dresser tray) that was made by Brockwitz in Germany, circa late 1920s.

It was their "Service 42000" Chinapressung (China pressing).

Hope this helps you.


Thanks a lot Glen.  :)

I don't think i'll sell it because it has a few chips (moan) on the inside rim.  :(

The chips are not deep and not easy to spot. I seem to only spot chips when I get home. :roll:

Still, it's nice to know who made it.  :)

I tried to sell a chipped Brockwitz Fish centrepiece but I only made about £5. Typical, I didn' know about the chip until I got it home. :roll:

Actually, that's how I found the Glass Message Board. I used a search engine to see if i could find out something about it, and up came this site.  8)

When I look for chips i seem to only check the places where there aren't any.  :lol:

It's strange, the more I look at my tray the more things I can see on it. It has a bird and an insect and on the two sides of the rim it has two bat like creatures.

I bought it one or two years ago thinking it was a tray. I later realised that it was part of a dressing table set, so I hung onto it in case I came across the other pieces. I never did though :)

Keep it, Tigerchips. Keep it. It's an important and fabulous item made by a wonderful manufacturer. You will have far more enjoyment from owning it and admiring it - and from becoming significant in maintaining a part of the history of the Brockwitz Glass factory - than any five or even twenty quid's worth could ever bring you.

Cherish it. Admire it. It's is the fish handled centerpiece you sold. I bought a pink one of those at Ardingley a few months ago. Nothing would prise it from my hands now.

Congratulations on having such splendid and unusual glass.

PS I have ID'd your Carnival too.


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