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Edward Moore Chalice Vase ????

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Edward Moore Chalice Vase ????  Had a mooch around the net and found something very close to this piece, different colour but shape pretty much the same.  In fact it has distinct vaseline look to it, off-white. On closer inspection at the bottom part of the bowl near the knop there was very obviously a gilded  fancy design, you can just see the outline, not on the piccy though cus it's too faint.  Has a little gilding left around the top.  

Any ideas :D

more like French or Bohemian opaline, 1860s

definitely not opaline, true colour is vaseline, compared it to my tub of !! :lol: Camera never takes good pictures of items this colour.

I agree with Ivo.

In fact, my first reaction was that it was French because it looks a bit more "delicate" in form than those which I have thought to be Bohemian, but either could be correct.

And I also agree that it's Opaline glass.

Based purely on the number of pieces I am currently seeing here, on virtually every vide-grenier and brocante, I'm inclined to go with Ivo and KevH, and stylistically this is right for French. Opaline, and anytime from mid 1800s onwards. I am also regularly seeing comparatively modern opaline vases, in old patterns, still bearing paper tags("fait a la main en Lorraine") for glass factories in the Alsace-Lorraine region.


Le Casson


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