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Can anyone help identify this piece?

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Hi All,
I have been trying for weeks now to identify this item. I do not know where it might have come from or how old it is. It is very very thin and extremely light. I imagine it started life as a tube and has been expertly blown/sculplted. It measures a little over 9 inches tall and is approx 5 inches wide. Any help will be greatly appreciated, and thank you all in advance for any ideas you might have.


it looks a lot like the glass coming out of the Eastern european countries. There are similar items in the Polish shop down the road to me and like yours they are very light



Thank you very much for your help. It is an odd thing!  :D

:D Hello, I have a very similar piece that my brother brought me home from holiday in Germany. It holds a small elliptical candle. I believe the name of one of the makers of these delicate things is Lauscha.
I'll post a picture of mine later.

:D Hi, Here are pictures of my German bits. I've also seen similar things for sale in the Christmas German Market that appears in Edinburgh. They seem to be of varying quality - some better than others. I think mine are of the top end in this respect - well they would be,  :wink: my brother's a glassie too 8)8)8) !


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